Dark Hustlers Releases New Single “Maestro”

March 29, 2024 0

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The current West Philadelphia hip-hop scene is as dynamic as ever, with artists exploring new sounds, themes, and collaborations. While it honors its rich history, it also embraces contemporary trends and technologies, ensuring that it remains a vital and evolving part of Philadelphia’s cultural landscape. Add Dark Hustlers Society to the list as is an emerging group that has a strong local following and is also looking to gain broader attention outside the region, and to be placed in mainstream music circles.

The Hilltop area, like many parts of West Philadelphia, has a deep connection to the city’s musical roots, contributing to the diverse tapestry of genres present in the city, including hip-hop, jazz, soul, and R&B.

Groups and artists from such neighborhoods often draw on their experiences and surroundings to shape their music, creating sounds and lyrics that reflect their realities, aspirations, and challenges.

Dark Hustlers Society drops off their first single, ” Maestro Flow ” from the Ep” In Hustlers in Trust” vol.2 the get back. The lead single was produced by E.Dot Rich who is also a member of the group. On the track group members.

Mosberg Banga , L.Crock along with Sam-G all spit fire to the track.

The EP was recorded at Third Story Recording studios and Scott Herzog was the engineer for the project. The Video was directed by Mike Braxton from Get Money Filmz.

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