Drew The Kiiid Releases New Single and Viiisual “club steam”

June 12, 2024 0

unnamed-10-500x500 Drew The Kiiid Releases New Single and Viiisual "club steam"

Chicago-based recording artist Drew The Kiiid released his latest single, “club steam.,” today, alongside the official viiisual. “club steam.” is the second offering of Drew’s “synthetiiic.” project, out later this summer, and stays true to his “modern nostalgia” theme.

The “club steam.” visual captures the wistfulness and nostalgia of summer days spent outdoors, later incorporating the ideal fuzziness of a steam-smeared fish-eye camera lens as we see Drew vibing with friends. Near the video’s end, Drew’s smooth slide across the floor, reminiscent of Tom Cruise in “Risky Business,” serves as another clear nod to nostalgia. Paired with screenshots of text messages and his laidback rap style, the single seamlessly blends modern elements with a nostalgic aesthetic, showcasing Drew’s effortlessly lavish lifestyle.

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