Emerging NYC Artist Swooptick Drops Off Latest Single “IceSpice (You Get Whatever You Like)”

February 12, 2024 0

Ice-Spice-Cover-Art-15 Emerging NYC Artist Swooptick Drops Off Latest Single "IceSpice (You Get Whatever You Like)"

Emerging NYC artist Swooptick, aka Swoop, is definitely a hidden-gem that should be on any music lover’s radar. The NYC native is gearing up for a busy summer, recently striking the airwaves with his latest record “IceSpice (You Get Whatever You Like)” which is now available on all digital streaming platforms today. Upbeat, fun, and different, Swoop comes through for the road to summer time with a quality track. “IceSpice (You Get Whatever You Like)” is a solid follow up to his previous single release “Keep Going”, which has garnered over 60,000 streams and counting. Given his success on “Keep Going”, there’s no telling what he can build “IceSpice (You Get Whatever You Like)” up to, and beyond.

While NYC is popularly known for the birth of hip-hop, and more recently, the birth and popularization of “Drill” music, Swooptick comes into the scene with a big taste of authenticity. With early influences from legendary musicians like Lil Uzi Vert, will.i.am., Kanye West, and more, the NYC native easily falls into similar categories with his artistic ability. Initially a ghostwriter for several names, Swoop decided it was time to make himself comfortable stepping into the spotlight — hence the lit single releases like the ones mentioned above. Ready to turn up 2024, Swoop is on his way up the ladder, receiving a spin on Power 105.1 (DJ Self), and even cosigns from the likes of Lil Uzi deeming him “next up,” and even Wyclef Jean saying his music was “the future”.

For those new to Swooptick, be sure to see keep up with him below:


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