Enigmatic Artist and Stuntman Master Toad’s New Album, Once A Pond A Toad

February 12, 2024 0

photo_2024-02-10-14.35.49 Enigmatic Artist and Stuntman Master Toad’s New Album, Once A Pond A Toad

Most performers tend to stick to one niche, keeping their styles wrapped neatly in a nice little box. On the other side of the pond is dynamic thrill-seeker and energetic hip-hop/rap artist, Master Toad. And with the release of his new album, Once A Pond A Toad, on Friday, January 9, the artist is set to show the world just how expansive the outside of traditional boxes can be.

 Discovering his passion for making music early in his life, Dallas/Fayetteville-based creator Master Toad first began experimenting with the art of sound in middle school. He and his closest childhood friend, Alonzo (featured on the new album) shared a deep adoration for expressing themselves through music. Master Toad takes this idea a bit further by not only using his music to express himself but also to suppress his emotions while simultaneously soothing the emotions of his listeners. With a unique perspective, his music, imaging, and overall energy are a testament to knowing that no matter how difficult things are, they can always be worse, but there is still, unfailingly, a light at the end of even the darkest tunnels. Being ensconced in challenges is an area of expertise for the artist.

 Not only has Master Toad learned that the closer you get to success, the more obstacles arise in your path, but he has learned this first-hand and chose to explore such themes in his new album. Once A Pond A Toad was born from the artist’s need to open up about his experiences and paint a picture of what it means to stay true to yourself, especially when traversing the mountains of adversity. While the path upward can be challenging to navigate, Master Toad is sharing his message that you need never compromise any aspect of yourself; even throughout the darkest of times when you feel hopeless and confused, stand true in the face of doubt. You are not defined by the low-frequency people who may happen to be around you.

Once A Pond A Time is a sonic painting that illustrates the journey of a lone wolf fighting to remain himself throughout many of the inevitable struggles we all must endure, and how all we need to surface unscathed is genuine love and a little motivation. While other artists have certainly explored similar themes, Master Toad is set apart by how he approaches not only his music but his life filled with varied interests and passions.

Although others might be intimidated to experiment and try new things, Master Toad has gone far over the cliffs (quite literally) into new realms outside most people’s comfort zones. Finding adventure and thrill in doing intense stunts the majority of people would never attempt—and never should attempt—such as leaping off extremely high overpasses and setting himself on fire, Master Toad holds tight to multiple passions. By never ceasing to follow his excitement, whether it’s making music, performing insane stunts, wrestling, or even dabbling in comedy, the artist refuses to lose sight of his ultimate goals—and that’s a trait we all can admire!

Master Toad’s most recent album, Once A Pond A Toad, drops on Friday, January 9 on all digital streaming platforms.

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