Kid Hazel Releases Debut Single “Don’t Stop”

July 8, 2024 0

image0-500x500 Kid Hazel Releases Debut Single "Don't Stop"

Ahmar Bailey, known as SG Hazel, is a multi-platinum producer signed to the Slaughter Gang label, responsible for hits with 21 Savage, Nardo Wick, and Lil Baby. Born in Compton, California, and relocating to Las Vegas at 14, Hazel now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. His musical motivation is rooted in authenticity and bringing something different to the table. His creativity is fueled by his global travels, drawing inspiration from diverse music cultures.

Today, he delivers his first official single as a solo artist titled “Don’t Stop” under the moniker Kid Hazel. Having already infused new energy into Hip-Hop as a artist, Hazel looks to do the same as an artist and “Don’t Stop” is the perfect start. For Hazel, the freedom of creativity is the most cherished aspect of making music. He believes music is both an art and a talent, allowing for varied perspectives.

Also aside from music, Hazel is a seven-year vegan and owns his own Seamoss company, promoting health in the music industry and emphasizing the positive effects of correlating wellness with music. Committed to his artistry and health, Hazel continues to innovate, inspire, and create unique, impactful music.

So get familiar if you aren’t already and stream “Don’t Stop” below.

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