Marvelous Gems Live From The Tomb is Picking Up Traction

April 12, 2024 0

Marvelous-Gems-500x497 Marvelous Gems Live From The Tomb is Picking Up Traction

Marvelous Gems, comprised of rapper/producer duo Relic The Bully and Village Villain are a powerhouse collaboration that brings together two distinct yet complementary styles and promises to reshape the rap game with their debut project, “Live From The Tomb.” Relic’s larger-than-life personality and unapologetic delivery reflect the struggles and triumphs of the Chicago city life while on the other end of the spectrum, Village Villain’s production style is a testament to his boundless imagination and relentless pursuit of artistic experimentation.

Their debut EP, “Live From The Tomb,” features the self-titled lead track “Marvelous Gems” which is a testament to their shared vision and unwavering dedication to the craft. Marvelous Gems breathes new life into the hip-hop landscape and have already caught the attention of notable acts like Questlove, Black Thought, Lil B, and more.

The tracklisting for LIVE FROM THE TOMB is:

* 2. Golden Hour
* 3. Legacy of 51st
* 4. The Big Deal
* 5. Black Widow
* 6. In His Hands
* 7. Journey Into Mystery
* 8. The One Who Knocks (Interlude)
* 9. EZ

Watch The “Marvelous Gems” Official Video:

Relic and Village Villian come from two opposite ends of the spectrum but both kneel at the same altar of hip hop, and somehow that small overlap is enough to create a chemical reaction that feels just as unpredictable as it does cosmically right. Relic describes this project as a “Cocoon” process and says, “Every song I wrote felt like it was slowly evolving into something bigger and brighter.” Village Villain adds and says, “Five years ago when we started working together, it was just an experiment. I knew it would be something special, but I didn’t know what form it would find. We just wanted to make some music we weren’t hearing anywhere, and it naturally evolved into Marvelous Gems.”

With Relic’s unapologetic lyricism and Village Villain’s avant-garde production, Marvelous Gems stand poised to redefine the very essence of hip-hop. As they continue to carve their legacy into music history, one thing remains certain: the journey of Marvelous Gems has only just begun.

LIVE FROM THE TOMB is available on all major streaming platforms. Follow Marvelous Gems on social media for updates on his latest releases and upcoming projects.

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Marvelous Gems, a dynamic rapper/producer duo composed of Relic The Bully and Village Villain, brings together the raw essence of Chicago’s streets and the diverse experiences of a world traveler. With a larger-than-life persona, Relic’s lyricism reflects urban struggles and triumphs, while Village Villain draws inspiration from his nomadic journey across cultures and landscapes. Their debut EP, “Live From The Tomb,” showcases a fusion of Relic’s soulful narratives and Village Villain’s genre-bending production, breathing new life into hip-hop. With a shared vision and unwavering dedication, Marvelous Gems redefine the essence of the hip-hop genre, poised to carve their legacy in music history.


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