Meet Upcoming Female Artist Stormi Baby 

February 17, 2024 0

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Stormi Baby is an upcoming female artist out of Brooklyn, New York. Stormi Baby has been dropping music since early 2021 which was around the time, she became motivated to make music. Stormi’s baby’s motivation began when she was a photographer and decided to start going to the studio.

Stormi Baby states how after getting into the booth and recording her first track she just kept going, Stormi Baby also speaks on the different genres of music she puts out such as R&B, POP as well as hip-hop and drill music. Stormi Baby has recently dropped a hot new track for 2024 called “Storm” which was dropped on the viral media platform for all artists and upcoming artists “Talk Of The Streets”.

Stormi Baby explains the background of her new track and simply states “It was a response back to all the haters in my comments”. Stormi Baby also speaks on some of the artists she would love to work with shortly such as Lil Mabu or the famous female rapper Latto. Stormi Baby states that her goal in the industry is to focus more on her visuals and become more creative. Stormi Baby would also like to be recognized more, not just for her talent but for all the dedication and hard work she puts into her work. Stormi Baby’s music can be found on all music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

If you would like to stay updated with Stormi Baby and any upcoming music and more, you  can go follow her on Instagram @itstormibaby

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