Mozzy Drops Powerful New Album “Children Of The Slums”

April 21, 2024 0

unnamed-14-500x500 Mozzy Drops Powerful New Album "Children Of The Slums"

Dedicated to giving back to those less fortunate in his home of Oak Park in Sacramento, Mozzy is a true neighborhood hero. The veteran artist shares one of his most personal project to date, Children Of The Slums, dedicated to his community and devoted to telling their stories. The new album comes along with a video for “RED NOSE BULLY,” an album highlight.

Over 17 deeply personal tracks, Mozzy chronicles the hardships of those born into poverty–many of whom appear in photos on the album’s cover–and details their daily trials and tribulations: “FREE JUJU” salutes a young man who lost his way, even after Mozzy took him under his wing, “MISS YOU BLOOD” mourns a close friend who grew up with Mozzy in the trenches, while opening track “DAMN” relates the story of a young dealer betrayed by a man he thought was his brother.

As Mozzy reflects on the lives on those around him, the 36-year-old rapper considers how his upbringing has affected his mindset, and how it haunts him even as he pursues his successful rap career. The album is his first since ending a year-long prison sentence, and though he missed the game while he was gone, Children Of The Slums reveals that he most regrets being less able to help his community. “EBONY FROM 12TH” finds Mozzy struggling to stay afloat under the weight of his community’s expectations, and regretting his inability to attend a friend’s funeral, while “TRAUMATIZED” reveals that the paranoia developed in the trenches doesn’t go away with success. The album reaches one of many emotional climaxes with “LOST IT ALL,” a heart-wrenching collaboration with Fridayy, whose heavenly melodies allow Mozzy to unlock secrets buried deep within.

“Growing up in the slums, we all thought that our way of life was the only one out there,” says Mozzy. “We didn’t have a choice. Most people think gangbanging and being captivated by the streets is a choice, but we don’t have that choice. We’re either a victim or become victimized. Even though I was fortunate enough to escape, I still take my role as a leader in that community very seriously. Somebody dies or goes to jail, I’m the first person they reach out to. Even though my life has turned out well, I am still deeply rooted and deeply connected to the slums. It’s impossible for me to fully break away.”

The new album is home to previously released singles like “JADED,” a heartfelt collaboration with Eric Bellinger, the lyrical “MISS BIG BRUH,” and “IF I DIE RIGHT NOW,” a moving tribute to Mozzy’s late grandmother. Featuring additional appearances from Mozzy’s longtime Oak Park associates Celly Ru and E MozzyChildren Of The Slums is available everywhere via CMG/Interscope.

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