May 15, 2024 0


Poundside Pop, the standout North Philly rapper ready to catapult onto the national scene, sticks the landing today with the release of his new EP, Clear Vision. The EP, clocking in at seven songs, includes guest features from superstar and Philly native Skilla Baby, Lil Buckss, OTZ Quany nd Skrilla.

Clear Vision marks the release of Pop’s first original project since joining Epic Records in 2021; his 2022 release on the label, Wock & Roll: Purple Edition, was a chopped-and-screwed reissue of Wock & Roll’s standard edition, released in 2020. Appropriately, on his new EP, Pop’s vision comes into focus: the fierce protector of his native Philadelphia with a penchant for slick talk, anthems and an insatiable drive to get better at his craft.

It’s been a steady and promising journey to this point for Poundside Pop, who has earned the acclaim of critics and peers in recent years. After a tragic teenage event encouraged him to take his music career seriously, Pop adopted a relentless and diligent release strategy, flooding the internet with boisterous street anthems resulting in a handful of noteworthy viral records.

Since then, Poundside Pop has been lauded by a who’s who of Philadelphia elites and on Clear Vision, it all comes together for Poundside Pop as he climbs the next rung of his career’s ladder.

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