“Sharks: A Genre-Defying Collaboration of Musical Titans”

March 2, 2024 0

sharks-artwork-cover-1-500x500 "Sharks: A Genre-Defying Collaboration of Musical Titans"

S.A.R.A. (Denard T. Riley) and Michael J Foxx (Michael Messiah Earl), both successful artists in their own right, have collaborated on a project called “Sharks.” The project blends their unique sounds and styles, resulting in a genre-defying mix of rhythms and melodies. The collaboration extended to co-writing songs, and exploring new themes and narratives. This partnership has been both commercially successful and artistically fulfilling, marking a significant milestone in their careers and paving the way for future collaborations. 

The “Sharks” project is a testament to the musical prowess of both Denard T. Riley and Michael J Foxx. Born in LA, Riley started his music career with The Pleh! Squad later pursued a solo career and formed She’s Always Right Anyway (S.A.R.A.). Michael J Foxx, on the other hand, The Yonkers, New York native has 15 years of experience in various music genres, has released a multitude of works, and has a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering. Foxx’s single “Better Half” even reached #3 on the iTunes Charts in South Africa and in addition, his Song Cross Canada Jax went #5 in Canada. 

Upon joining forces, the fusion of their sounds resulted in a genre-defying mixture of rhythms and melodies that was positively received by fans and critics alike. They co-wrote many of the songs on the “Sharks” project, exploring new themes and narratives that reflected their shared experiences and perspectives. This joint effort allowed them to push each other creatively and resulted in a project that was both commercially successful and artistically fulfilling. This significant milestone demonstrates their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft and their dedication to producing music that resonates with their audience. With their combined experience and talent, it’s clear that S.A.R.A. and Foxx will continue to make waves in the music industry.

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