Top 10 artists to follow up in 2024

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IMG_6510-500x250 Top 10 artists to follow up in 2024

Top 10 artists to follow up in 2024


As we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, it becomes increasingly exhilarating to witness the emergence of fresh talents, each with a unique story to tell and a distinct sound to share. With 2024 unfolding before us like a vast canvas waiting to be painted, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the top 10 artists poised to make significant strides in the realm of music this year.

  1. SC4REAL

Meet SC4REAL, the talented Producer/Artist hailing from Darlington, SC. Inspired by legends like Quincy Jones, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, and Devante from Jodeci, SC4REAL navigates the music industry without a mentor, facing the challenge head-on. Overcoming obstacles, he emphasizes constant self-improvement and dedication to his craft.

Setting himself apart from others, he takes a personal and serious approach to his music, producing and writing each song. SC4REAL doesn’t conform to trends, preferring authenticity over fleeting popularity. Having honed his skills through self-learning and church music, SC4REAL envisions himself as a powerhouse in the music and business world. This article aims to illuminate his prowess as a remarkable artist and producer, poised for greatness in the near future.


  1. Flame J

Flame J, a rising artist, embodies resilience and passion in the music industry. Adopted at a tender age, he found solace and inspiration in music, crafting his unique sound from his tumultuous experiences. His journey began with a thirst for connection and expression, drawn from the likes of Tupac and Michael Jackson.

Transitioning into the business realm, Flame J recently launched Flame J Records, driven by a desire for autonomy and self-determination. However, his path wasn’t without hurdles. Navigating the industry’s complexities, from marketing to networking, proved daunting. Yet, armed with determination and perseverance, Flame forged ahead.

What sets Flame apart is not just his musical prowess but his unwavering spirit. Collaborating with industry heavyweights like Young Buck and Kidd Kidd, Flame garnered recognition and accolades, including an official Spotify platinum plaque.


  1. A.T.G ANT

A.T.G ANT, a talented musical artist, emerged from Springfield, IL, with a passion for music that began at the age of eight. Initially a hobbyist, A.T.G ANT‘s journey took a professional turn at 20, relocating to Nashville, where collaborations with Freddie.B and manager Victor propelled his career forward. The move to Atlanta marked a pivotal moment, connecting with Ishan Kalra for image enhancement and expanding the A.T.G movement’s global reach.

A.T.G ANT’s diverse musical influences reflect life’s highs and lows, offering listeners a therapeutic experience. Each project serves as a landmark, showcasing personal growth and development. Overcoming self-doubt has been his biggest hurdle, emphasizing the importance of consistent progress and resilience.

A.T.G ANT’s achievements, including a Top 10 spot in 2024’s musical artists and playlist placements, foreshadow a promising future. Aligned Towards Greatness is not just a movement; it’s a global representation of strength, honor, courage, and self-improvement. A.T.G ANT envisions a world tour, letting his music resonate worldwide while staying true to his roots as an emerging artist.


  1. Vandes Jackson

Vandes Jackson, a Chicago native with roots now spreading through Los Angeles, is making waves in the music industry with his latest releases. Inspired to push boundaries and break conventions, Jackson’s music defies categorization. His compositions eschew traditional hooks, embracing abstract production and experimental structures.

What sets Jackson apart is his multifaceted role as an engineer, producer, and artist. His creative process is fluid, yielding diverse outputs ranging from beats to verses, reflecting a fusion of his diverse influences. Raised in a musical household grounded in church, jazz, and classical traditions, Jackson draws inspiration from both classical greats like Mozart and rebellious icons like Prince.

Jackson’s journey to professional music began early, catalyzed by his stint with the 2011 Jazz Ambassadors in Chicago. Since then, his ambition and tenacity have fueled his pursuit of music full-time. His eclectic taste spans genres, from modern R&B to classic jazz, reflecting a deep appreciation for musical diversity.


  1. Alex Freeman

In a musical landscape often dominated by adult narratives, 16-year-old sensation Alex Freeman continues to make waves with her latest pop anthem, “Best Friend.” Embodying the essence of teenage indecision and the allure of the new, Freeman’s track offers a refreshing take on relationships in today’s world.

With its infectious melody and playful lyrics, “Best Friend” captures the spirit of youthful exuberance. Freeman’s vocals exude warmth and sincerity, inviting listeners into the vibrant world of teenage adventures. Collaborating with Bella adds a lighthearted touch, enhancing the song’s joyful vibe.

Praised by industry veterans like Lawrence Dopson and Happie Deshawn White, Alex Freeman’s talent is undeniable. Robert Reyes, with years of experience at Aftermath Entertainment, predicts a bright future for the young prodigy.


  1. Ediya

Ediya, a passionate singer and scriptwriter, dreams of bringing happiness to people through his music and movies. Despite past struggles and encounters with the law, Ediya believes those experiences have given him a new perspective. He aspires to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share his dreams. As the artist behind the name Ediya, he showcases impressive singing and rapping skills. Eager to form a boys’ band, Ediya envisions creating uplifting content to make audiences feel good.

Having faced challenges, including limitations on platforms like Spinnup from Universal in his country, Ediya remains determined to pursue his dreams. Recognized as one of the most attractive guys in the Kanto area, he emphasizes the importance of living life to the fullest, regardless of financial constraints. Ediya envisions a future where he and his boys’ band, inspired by Dream Street, create both captivating music and movies to spread joy. Despite a past of aggression towards toxic individuals, Ediya is focused on the positive impact his art can have on people’s lives.


  1. Vibe$

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Vibe$ navigated the cultural contrasts between her homeland and the United States. Music became her constant companion during this journey, a passion she inherited from her grandfather, who formed a band with his brothers. Despite her musical roots, Vibes sought a distinctive path, ultimately finding it by seamlessly combining English and Spanish in her compositions.

Her musical evolution took a decisive turn when she crossed paths with hip-hop artist Thottie Jay, who introduced her to the dynamic world of hip hop. Drawing inspiration from legends like Tupac and MC Hammer, Vibes carved her niche, bringing a fresh perspective to the genre. Her motivation extends beyond personal success, aiming to inspire fellow Hispanic artists to make a mark in an industry that often takes a backseat.


  1. Juliera

Juliera, a talented artist and lyricist, blends Nigerian culture with American influences, creating music that resonates with self-empowerment and hope. Her journey into the music world began at the tender age of 16, when she discovered her passion for writing lyrics. Despite initial doubts about her talent, Juliera took a leap of faith by offering her songwriting services on Fiverr. This decision proved to be a turning point, as she quickly garnered over 250 five-star reviews and penned more than 1000 songs for various clients.

This experience not only validated Juliera’s skills but also fueled her passion for music. With eight songs and four music videos ready for release, Juliera’s future in the industry looks promising. Her ultimate goal is to inspire listeners to chase their dreams, making her music a beacon of hope and motivation on the dancefloor. Get ready to groove to Juliera’s uplifting tunes as she continues to captivate audiences with her unique blend of cultural influences and empowering messages.


  1. BLACK I.C.E

Tayvon Johnson, better known as BLACK I.C.E, is not just an independent recording artist but a visionary entrepreneur shaping the music industry. As the CEO of NRG Records LLC, based in Milford, Delaware, Johnson established his record label with a mission to nurture musical talent and elevate artists’ brands.

His journey into music began in the heart of his family, where gospel melodies filled the air. From singing in church to performing alongside his father’s quartet groups, music was ingrained in Johnson’s upbringing. His love for music evolved into a career, fueled by a desire to create and inspire.

Despite facing financial and resource challenges, Johnson persevered. He recognized that success required pushing through obstacles and embracing the pain of growth. His resilience and dedication propelled him through auditions at renowned platforms like The Voice and American Idol.


  1. Ecko Miles

Meet Edison Ogums, widely known as Ecko Miles, a versatile artist hailing from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Ecko Miles, a skilled rapper, songwriter, and producer, catapulted into the spotlight with the release of “Picanto” alongside Odumodu Blvck and Zlatan in 2022.

As an independent artist, he navigates the challenges of handling various responsibilities, from marketing to booking gigs, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and seeking guidance.

Authenticity is Ecko Miles’s mantra, allowing him to forge genuine connections with his audience. Despite industry challenges, he has launched his record label, collaborated with top artists, and aspires to become an international brand, envisioning a future filled with collaborations, awards, and contributions to the music industry’s growth.

As we look ahead to the future of the music industry, these 10 artists stand out as beacons of creativity, resilience, and innovation. From the streets of Darlington to the bustling city of Lagos, each artist’s journey is defined by passion, perseverance, and unwavering dedication to their craft. As they continue to push boundaries and defy expectations, the future of music shines brighter than ever before. So, keep an eye on these rising stars in 2024 and beyond, as they continue to shape the musical landscape for generations to come.

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