Torae Drops Video for “The Bubble Chip”

January 6, 2024 0

unnamed-3-500x500 Torae Drops Video for “The Bubble Chip”

The multifaceted emcee Torae begins the new year with his reflective single “The Bubble Chip.” In the three-minute video, directed by The Fire Factory and produced by Hitmaker Dot, Torae is seen in the project halls and basketball courts throughout New York City, rapping about some of his career highlights and some of today’s trends in the music industry. 


Torae takes people back to when he was a “blog era baby” and where he’s been since then. He raps “Ain’t nobody doing the shit that I’ve done, blog era baby, and I’ve been on a hell of a run. Pen something crazy for an artist, and go number one, and then bring them to Sirius for a promotional run. Tell my publishing get a sync, put that record in a flick, my agency get the audition, and I memorize the script. Got a million different corners, I hustle, then get a flip…”


His second verse begins with “Don’t ever get it confused, I paid all of my dues. I never paid for no followers, likes, comments, or views. Can’t give you no proof of purchases… these rappers selling you their storylines faking their streams, so when they post their Spotify numbers, it ain’t what it seems.”


Between the verses, Torae reflects on the successes of his HARD2EARN podcast with cohost Bonsu Thompson and what he has going on for him in the future.

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