Tunecore vs Melokid: Which one is the preferred option for distributing your music?

January 16, 2024 0

Both Melokid and TuneCore provide a similar distribution model known as the annual payment plan, requiring artists to pay a fixed fee each year to maintain their music streaming online through the respective services. Now, let’s explore the specific distinctions between Melokid and TuneCore in greater detail within this article.

  1. Melokid vs Tunecore : Pricing 

While Melokid and TuneCore share a resemblance in their payment models, there are notable differences in the features offered within each plan. Melokid, primarily focused on music distribution, ensures that all their packages come equipped with comprehensive features to aid artists in effective music distribution. Their plan structure is tailored for individual artists, and they also provide a higher-priced option for those managing multiple artists.

In contrast, TuneCore places a greater emphasis on selling its packages rather than providing easy access to features for musicians. To unlock the maximum distribution features, artists are required to opt for TuneCore’s Professional plan.

Below are the prices for Melokid and TuneCore’s respective plans:

Melokid pricing:

Unlimited plan: $19.99/year – up the 3 artist names

Record deal plan: $49.99/year – unlimited artist names and opportunity to present an artist to major labels 

Tunecore pricing:

New Artist: FREE but not distributed to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.. only to social media platforms as Facebook

Rising Artist: $19.99/year – one artist name 

Breakout Artist: $34.99/year – more features available

Professional: $49.99/year – up to 5 artist names, full features available

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  1. Distribution Features

Melokid features: 

For artists seeking to unveil their music to a vast audience, Melokid stands out as an exceptional platform. With Melokid, you have the capability to release an unlimited number of songs across more than 200 streaming services and stores, all while retaining 100% of your revenue – no commissions are deducted. Furthermore, their basic unlimited plan already encompasses comprehensive features, including splits, prompt 24-hour human support, record deals, customizable label names, and geographic limits. The higher-tier options also include advances for eligible artists.

Tunecore features: 

TuneCore serves as a dependable and also budget-friendly platform for musicians seeking to distribute their music across more than 150 platforms while maintaining complete control over their revenue. Although the features in their basic plan may not be as extensive as those in Melokid, TuneCore remains an excellent choice for individuals in search of a cost-effective means to distribute their music. As you ascend to each higher tier, additional features become accessible.

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  1. Customer Support

Melokid offers 24-hour customer support:

By reaching out via email, you can expect a response within 24 hours, directly from a real human rather than an automated bot, providing an unparalleled level of service. Melokid’s customer support is also accessible through Instagram replies and guidance within their frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. The system has garnered significant praise from customers who appreciate the effectiveness of Melokid’s support.

As reflected in a TrustPilot review by Jessica Sommers on November 15, 2023:

‘’Melokid delivered on their promises with precision and timing. As an independent singer(ish)-songwriter(definitely), achieving what they did in hours would have taken me weeks. The service is exceptional, and the pricing is remarkably low for the value received. It’s almost hard to believe. Go see for yourself: my first release is up there, all thanks to Melokid. 

Tunecore customer service :

Contrastingly, despite employing the same online customer support model, TuneCore has garnered numerous mixed reviews highlighting sometimes inadequacies in their processes.

As expressed by Samuel Charleston on TrustPilot on November 16, 2023: 

‘’The customer support experience I had was less than ideal, with some challenges in responsiveness. I encountered a delay of nearly two weeks before receiving a response to my ticket, this proved to be a bit obscure, particularly given the cost of the service. Those contemplating the use of TuneCore.com may need to be prepared to handle various aspects independently, as the support team’s responsiveness might not always meet everyone’s expectations.’’

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  1. Conclusion: Tunecore vs Melokid

Summary: Why Choose TuneCore

TuneCore presents an economical choice for individuals seeking to distribute their music and elevate their music career, providing music publishing services at an affordable rate. However, prospective users should carefully evaluate TuneCore’s customer service performance before reaching a decision. While their pricing remains competitive, certain users have raised concerns about the effectiveness of their customer support, a pivotal consideration for musicians aiming to carve their niche in the industry. For independent musicians striving to stand out in the fiercely competitive music landscape, navigating through the noise can be daunting. This underscores the importance of not only investing in music distribution but also in effective promotional strategies. 

Summary: Why Choose Melokid

Melokid stands out as a highly regarded music distribution service, earning favor among independent artists due to its user-friendly interface and effective customer support. If you seek a dependable method to distribute and promote your music across various streaming platforms, MelExplode proves to be an outstanding option. However, for those primarily interested in music distribution, Melokid is a premier service that can effectively amplify the reach of your music to a broader audience. Melokid, conceived by artists themselves, operates on the foundational principle of never exploiting fellow artists. The platform directly addresses key concerns encountered during the distribution process, including swift and effective responses from support teams, rapid distribution, prompt issue resolution, complete ownership of your music, and access to potent promotional tools. While Melokid wholeheartedly champions independent musicians, it also leverages industry connections with major labels, potentially opening avenues to showcase your music to them. For those aspiring to secure a record deal with major labels, Melokid’s platform provides an opportunity.

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