Washington, D.C. Artist & Filmmaker Veeta Venom Debuts “Waiting To Exhale”

June 23, 2024 0

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Washington, D.C.- D.C. native and creative mind Veeta Venom curated a new heartfelt single “Waiting To Exhale” that showcases her more storytelling and poetic nature of her own. Dealing with motherhood, overcoming cancer, and being an advocate for mental health of the LGBTQIA community, Veeta wants her music to not only tell her story but to also touch the lives of other people worldwide since it’s a common medium.

Coupled with a banging beat Veeta’s pen strikes venomously and fiercely with supreme bars that elevate her overall musical aura. This latest single is a preview of music set to debut soon from the Washingtonian.

Her latest single is here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/waiting-to-exhale-single/1746902720

Along with new music Veeta has established her own TV network which she aims to help expand the depths of black creativity and give voice to her communities with a network that is built by her, a powerful black woman. It’s set to debut more shows and films very soon.

Check out the network here: https://www.veetavenomnetwork.com/

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