Why All Independent Artists Need Music Marketing Featuring Dom

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“Not marketing your music is like cooking a Sunday Dinner and leaving it on your dinner table to spoil for months and months, that’s what a lot of independent artists do, like 90% of them.”

In an interview with Dom, he claimed in a comedic way that his earliest memories of marketing were when he was in his mother’s womb,

“Think about it, in the 80s and ’90s that was that superstitious era, oh it’s a boy because I’m eating this, or because I’m having this type of pain, or because we did it like this, I’m sure I did something to where whenever my mom found out what I was there was an “I knew it!” That’s marketing (laughs)

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Seriously, Dom graduated from Methodist University with a Bachelor’s in Business where he took numerous marketing classes, and then got his master’s in Business in 2017 from Capella University where he graduated with honors.

“The funniest thing about having the degrees, I never really talk about it, because when I was in school partying and playing ball, my goal was to get a corporate job in a building way in the sky overseeing the city – and it’s been 7 years and it just hasn’t happened in a job setting but every since 2018 where I tapped into Music Marketing, I feel that it’ll happen for me there soon.”

Dom started his Music Marketing career as an intern for @DorianGroup82 (Dorian Clark) owner of Group82 University where he built up his creative network,

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“Yes, I started as a Spotify Development intern where we playlisted all his music and I liked it. I started the internship with like 40 others and ended up being the last one there he offered me a position as the Director Of Music Marketing and I took on roles like Social Media Management, Video Editor Manager, and Vice President of Copywriting, and I did this for 5 years until he shifted into his love for Basketball and he’s killing it with that, I always credit my beginning to my time there.”

Dom also built a hefty list of contacts there too,

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“Yes! Man, a lot of “blue checks” before you can buy them (laughs) I started a podcast in 2019 after Dorian bought me a book about the Art of podcasting and my dawgs in my group chat (Shoutout to the Wolfpack, Uno, 5, Goods, Saint Lamont, Vinny) told me I should start one, and between being there, my solo podcast, and our new movement SHOCK THE CULTURE, shoutout to Kirk Rich, the contact list is long.”

(We asked Dom to compile this list and come to us for in-depth context)

Charlie Ward (NBA)

Grant Cardone (Billionaire)

Wayne Clark (Quality Control – Roc-A-Fella)

Donell Jones (Multi-Platinum Selling R&B Legend)

Trevor Booker (NBA)

Curtiss King (Mega Producer and Charting Artist)

Rashad Bilal (Earn Your Leisure)

Troy Millings (Earn Your Leisure)

Ian Dunlap (Master Investor)

Nicky Saunders (Social Media Guru)

Mike Penbarthy (Former Los Angeles Lakers Player and Coach

Chris Duhon (NBA)

Wavvy Wayne (Super Producer)

Ronnie Brewer (NBA)

Freeway Rick Ross

Chingy (Award Winning Artist)

Richie Evans (Rapper – Founder)

Maurice Ager (NBA)

Seventh Woods (Phenom)

Darrell Armstrong (NBA)

JamesOn Curry (NBA)

Devan Downey (NBA)

Rasheed Sulaimon (NBA)

Marco Nunez (Kobe Bryant Trainer)

Ray Ray Mcelrathbey (From Disney Mover SAFETY)

Dorian Clark (Charted #1 On Itunes – NBA Trainer – NCAA D-1 Coach)

Torrell Martin (NBA)

Wendy Day (Music Exec)

Terry Kirby (NFL)

John Salley (NBA CHAMPION)


I think this is it … (laughs)

I officially started Forever Hollins Management in 2023 May, and it’s been a dope year, I have helped 1,000’s of artists with Spotify Playlisting, blogs, podcast interviews, brand deals, content strategy, rollout plans for albums and singles, studio sessions, Social Media Management and marketing, anything you can think of I’ve done it.


We also asked Dom if is he currently hands-on with any artist full-time,

“Yes, of course I have the artist that messages me on Instagram (@heydom803/@foreverhollin8) or go to my website for services (foreverhollins.gumroad.com) then I have an artist that I’m doing work for officially daily, shoutout to Omoghéné, Trell Brooks, Mo Soose, 2wiin Kingz, and Frisco Hardbody Sco.”


What’s your goal in all this?

“To Build Forever Hollins Management and Shock The Culture as the biggest independent hub in the world, I don’t even mean this by numbers I mean it by the work, respect, quality, and validity. Every client that comes through they gets A-1 service and can say “Those guys did the work and we got results it wasn’t no fake fugazzi operation and I learned something.”


Any special shoutouts?

Yes, everyone mentioned above, my family, and everyone who believes in me and has given me guidance or advice on the way in this journey. There has been real blood (I’ve punched walls out of anger on deals and bad business) tears that followed, and real sweat. We put in real work behind the scenes trying to crack codes and make things super easy for independent artists.

I want to shout out Quantum Beats for being dope and having a fire hub of engineers, video guys, producers, graphic designers, and artists.




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Appreciate everybody


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