T-Bruin Is Set To Drop ‘Highs Never Last’ Later This Month

February 5, 2024 0

5CB0929E-D9D7-4F8E-8A60-5CDBCCA6B5CC-400x500 T-Bruin Is Set To Drop ‘Highs Never Last’ Later This Month

On the eve of T-Bruin’s February 16th drop of Highs Never Last, below is our interview of the budding star from New York!

Can you give a detailed explanation for your upcoming body of work?

“For the listener, my new project will take them on a profound journey into the depths of my introspective mind. “Highs Never Last” delves into how I navigate the highs and lows of life, encompassing various aspects such as relationships, the music business, and even the ever-evolving weed industry. Through this project, I aim to share my personal experiences and insights, offering a glimpse into the complexities of existence.”

What are some stories that influenced your upcoming album? 

“The title of the project, “Highs Never Last,” was inspired by a thought-provoking conversation I had with a close friend. It occurred after a series of summer shows, during which I started feeling increasingly frustrated with the challenges that come with being an independent artist in this competitive industry. As we discussed the nature of happiness, I had a realization: happiness resembles a drug in many ways. Once you experience it at a certain level, you naturally crave the next level, perpetually seeking an elevated state. However, no matter how euphoric you become, just like the fleeting high from a drug, happiness eventually fades away, leaving us yearning for more.”

How has your experience in fatherhood impacted music and in life?

“Fatherhood has always held immense significance in my music, even before the birth of my son. I’ve always been conscious that the music I create will forever be intertwined with my name and shape my legacy. However, becoming a father has deepened this connection and amplified its importance. It has become life’s most profound teacher, guiding me on a transformative journey. Through my son, I am rediscovering emotions that I thought I already comprehended fully. Fatherhood has revealed different levels of love, patience, and even fear, unveiling dimensions of myself I never knew existed. It has added depth and richness to my music, as I draw inspiration from this new chapter of my life.”

How has your 2024 been so far and what goals do you have for this year? 

“As I reflect on the year so far, 2024 has been relatively smooth and promising. I am gearing up to release more new music and captivating content for my audience. This year, my primary focus is on fostering consistency and discipline in every aspect of my life. I aim to cultivate a strong work ethic that will not only benefit my artistic endeavors but also positively influence my personal growth. By maintaining a steadfast commitment to my craft and embracing discipline, I believe I can unlock new levels of creativity and achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

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