How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft: A Comprehensive Guide

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img1-2 How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft: A Comprehensive Guide

In the sprawling, ever-evolving World of Warcraft, gold is more than just currency—it’s a pivotal resource that can vastly enhance your gaming experience. From purchasing gear, mounts, and consumables to trading in the Auction House, accumulating gold is crucial. This comprehensive guide will delve into effective strategies to fill your coffers with gold, ensuring a prosperous journey through Azeroth.

Questing and Leveling

One of the most straightforward methods to earn gold is through questing and leveling up your character. As you progress through different zones and complete quests:

  • Quest Rewards: Many quests offer gold as a reward. This amount increases as you reach higher levels.
  • Loot Selling: You’ll acquire various items, including gear and consumables, during your quests. Sell unwanted items to vendors for a steady income.
  • Rare Drops: Keep an eye out for rare item drops. Some of these can be sold for a good amount of gold at the Auction House.

Dungeons and Raids

Participating in dungeons and raids is not only thrilling but also lucrative:

  • Boss Loot: Bosses in dungeons and raids drop valuable items. Some of these items can be sold for a significant amount of gold.
  • Crafting Materials: Dungeons and raids often yield rare crafting materials that are highly sought after in the market.
  • Transmog Items: Unique-looking gear pieces can fetch a high price from players interested in transmogrification.
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Professions: Crafting and Gathering

Professions play a vital role in WoW’s economy. Choose professions wisely based on market demand:

  • Gathering Professions (e.g., Herbalism, Mining, Skinning): Gathering raw materials and selling them at the Auction House is a reliable way to earn gold.
  • Crafting Professions (e.g., Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting): Craft items that are in high demand, such as potions, flasks, gear, or enchantments.
  • Market Research: Regularly check the Auction House to understand which items are in demand and price your goods accordingly.

Playing the Auction House

The Auction House is WoW’s central marketplace. To profit here, you need to understand the basics of supply and demand:

  • Buy Low, Sell High: Purchase underpriced items and resell them at a higher price.
  • Market Fluctuations: Prices can fluctuate based on various factors, such as new expansions, patches, or in-game events. Stay informed and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Auction House Addons: Use addons like “Auctioneer” or “TradeSkillMaster” to analyze the market and make informed decisions.

PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas

Engaging in PvP can also be profitable:

  • Honor Points: Earned through battlegrounds and arenas, these can be exchanged for gear that can be sold to vendors.
  • Achievements and Rewards: Certain PvP achievements come with monetary rewards or items that can be sold.

Farming for Gold

Farming is a tried and true method for earning gold:

  • Farming Spots: Identify lucrative farming spots for items like cloth, leather, or elemental reagents.
  • Farming Routes: Use efficient routes to maximize your gathering in the shortest amount of time.

Secondary Skills: Fishing and Cooking

Don’t overlook secondary skills:

  • Fishing: Some fish are highly prized for crafting certain food or potions.
  • Cooking: Prepare and sell high-level food that provides buffs, highly sought after by raiders and PvPers.

Daily and World Quests

Participating in daily and world quests, especially at max level, can be a steady source of gold:

  • Emissary Quests: Completing these can reward you with gold, valuable items, or resources that can be sold.
  • World Quests: Some world quests offer a substantial amount of gold as a reward.

Expansion-Specific Activities

Each WoW expansion introduces unique ways to earn gold:

  • Warlords of Draenor: Garrisons can be used to gather resources or craft items for sale.
  • Legion: Class Order Halls offer missions that can result in gold or valuable items.
  • Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands: Engage in the expansion-specific content for unique materials and items that are in demand.
  • Engage in direct trade with other players. Sometimes, this can be more profitable than using the Auction House, as it avoids listing fees.


Earning gold in WoW requires a combination of strategy, knowledge of the game’s economy, and a bit of patience. By diversifying your gold-making activities and staying up to date with the game’s changing dynamics, you can accumulate wealth to enhance your WoW experience significantly. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore gamer, understanding and implementing these gold-making strategies will ensure that you’re always equipped with the resources you need to enjoy the game to its fullest.

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