Meet Audiomack The Global Indie Artist’s Best Kept Secret

June 12, 2024 0

70765-AM_Stacked_Black Meet Audiomack The Global Indie Artist's Best Kept Secret

Audiomack connects artists with fans. A music streaming and discovery platform boasting over 30 million monthly users, Audiomack lets artists across the world directly upload unlimited music for free while also boasting a curated library of music from all three major labels and Merlin. Industry leading features include Connect, a messaging tool for artists to engage with their fans; Supporters, where superfans can directly support their favorite artists; and Audiomod, a feature allowing listeners to speed up, slow down, and edit tracks in real time. With half a million active creators, Audiomack spotlights rising artists and music scenes from across the globe. Audiomack is ranked as the No. 1 music streaming app in eight African countries and within the top four in four others across the continent.

Music discovery and artist services reimagined for the modern streaming era

Audiomack, the youth-driven, artist-first music streaming platform that allows creators to share unlimited music for free, is empowering artists at every level to get discovered by new fans. A lean, agile team, Audiomack is the only streaming platform taking a truly innovative approach to direct artist distribution, music discovery, and listener experience. Rapidly developing cutting-edge features for global music discovery and breaking fans free of the algorithm-driven echo chambers while delivering critical insights to artists, Audiomack is turning the heads of streaming giants and emerging artists who want to reach new fans and get their music heard.

“We feel we are uniquely positioned to do right by the global creator community,” says David Ponte, CMO of Audiomack. “Over half of our users are from outside the US market, and Audiomack is the No. 1 music streaming app in eight African countries. As Audiomack continues to grow and expand to other markets, our focus remains on spotlighting rising artists from music scenes across the globe while bringing fun back to music discovery and listening.”

In 2023, the top 1% of artists accounted for 67% of earnings from streaming. Audiomack aims to make way for the rest of the music community, providing both a launchpad for artists just getting started and deep insights to help more experienced artists build sustainable careers.

More than 30,000 independent artists get paid regularly without a distributor or label by uploading their music directly to Audiomack. With the freedom granted by Audiomack’s Creator App, artists can upload and release their latest song or album at any time, sharing it with millions of hungry fans and tastemakers worldwide—all completely free, with no subscription or premium account needed. Audiomack takes the guesswork out of releasing and marketing new music with an advanced Creator Dashboard including in-depth stats and insights. Creators can learn more about their followers’ listening habits, see which tastemakers are rocking with their sounds, and even engage with fans and manage comments through Audiomack’s Connect messaging feature.

Audiomack’s expert curators have a proven track record of breaking numerous artists. Ice Spice’s first interview was with Audiomack before the release of her breakout hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and subsequent emergence from the Bronx drill scene; the platform dubbed GRAMMY-nominated singer Ayra Starr “a voice for Nigeria’s youth” before the release of her debut album; and Florida rapper-singer Rod Wave, who released three straight chart-topping albums beginning in 2021, shot his first performance video with Audiomack in 2019. These talented trendspotters sift through thousands of tracks each week to craft hundreds of official Audiomack playlists. When uploading new music to the platform, artists can submit their music for trending consideration for free to be placed in front of a massive audience of new listeners.

Audiomack recently launched You Need To Hear, its flagship content series highlighting rising global artists like Brownsville rap trio 41 and dynamic Belgium-born rapper Dina Ayada. Artists like NYC rapper FOURFIVE and R&B singer Zae France have seen over 1000% increases in streams from new listeners following their You Need to Hear spotlights.

“Audiomack curators are proud crate-diggers,” says Ponte. “We value human curation and tastemaking over tired algorithms, and we give a platform to the artists we truly believe in and want to see succeed. We don’t wait for any label, streaming service, or publication to cosign an artist. If we believe in a creator, we will be the first to champion them.”

One of the greatest factors setting Audiomack apart from all other streaming platforms is its unique and interactive listening experience for fans. In November 2023, a study by digital rights tech company Pex revealed that an estimated 1 million unauthorized remixes of songs were floating around streaming services—many of which were simply slowed down or sped up. While the industry flew into a frenzy and labels defaulted to releasing multiple versions of the same song to combat illegal remixes, Audiomack saw an opportunity to enhance the listener experience without muddling artists’ profiles on streaming services.

Now available on both iOS and Android, Audiomod is a tool that allows anyone to speed up, slow down, and modify tracks while ensuring that the artist or rights holder behind the original work gets paid. The Audiomod feature has experienced sustained growth over the last three months, jumping from 77,000 unique modifications per day in March to nearly 250,000 modifications per day in May.

“Audiomack brings back the joy of discovering new artists, sounds, and scenes as a music fan while also giving independent artists the tools and services to kickstart their career and breakthrough in a global market,” says Brian Zisook, EVP of Global Operations at Audiomack.

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