Lil Wayne Jerks Bangladesh Again on “6’7″ Beat (Video)

April 29, 2011 0

bangladesh-1 Lil Wayne Jerks Bangladesh Again on “6’7″ Beat (Video)

After crying foul on Lil Wayne for not getting paid over “A Milli,” Bangladesh is at it again!

Feeling like he’s “working for free” Bangladesh has reached the end of his rope with Lil Wayne. The producer who was behind “A Milli” says that he continued to work with Weezy on “6 Foot 7 Foot” after he wasn’t properly compensated, because he really wanted to work with Lil Wayne again. Instead of charging Cash Money, Bangladesh claims that he struck up a deal to record his debut album with Lil Wayne as a guest feature. The album is still on hold, because Bangladesh “can’t get Wayne features.” Perplexed as to why something like this would happen, Bangladesh says “I don’t know if it’s the people around the situation or it’s the actual person.” Everything now comes down to the situation being resolved and Bang says that he can’t continue to work for free and he “just can’t keep really giving them music.”

Do you think Bangladesh can back up his claims with his lawsuit?


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