Jimmy DaSaint (@JimmyDaSaint1) Signs Distribution Deal With INgrooves Fontana

August 14, 2012 0

jimmy-dasaint-signs-distribution-deal-with-ingrooves-fontana-HHS1987-2012 Jimmy DaSaint (@JimmyDaSaint1) Signs Distribution Deal With INgrooves Fontana

Jimmy Dasaint continues to prove himself time and time again! Just when you think his point is made… he is the fire that makes the candle burn… He hits the industry with another explosive … to show that the flames can always be bigger! The smaller the blaze … the easier it is to put it out & Jimmy Dasaint has no intention of being washed-up any time soon! You just never know what to expect & there is no definite description for all that he brings to the table…”ALL HE DOES IS WORK!”

Well… let’s introduce the new & unanticipated project! Jimmy Dasaint has just signed a major distribution deal with INgrooves Fontana, which is a global distribution network. Jimmy Dasaint in collaboration with INgrooves Fontana simply increases his power… while his brand is massive throughout the streets of Philadelphia… Jimmy Dasaint is on the verge of becoming a universal prodigy. You think this is a BIG DEAL? Well, I too agree! BUT… keep in mind; this is merely the beginning of what Jimmy Dasaint has in store! Watch closely as he paves his way to stardom!


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