Asia Sparks (@SparkleGirlA) – Sum Summa This (Offiical Video) (Directed by @ShannonMuirHD)

October 8, 2012 1

asia-sparks-sum-summa-this-offiical-video-directed-by-shannon-muir-HHS1987-2012 Asia Sparks (@SparkleGirlA) - Sum Summa This (Offiical Video) (Directed by @ShannonMuirHD)

Asia Sparks continues to shake up the up and coming rap scene here in Philadelphia. Today the new artists releases her third video for “Sum Summa This”. Asia Sparks new approach to releasing videos first, is different than what I am usually seeing as a blogger. Asia Sparks doesnt rap, she performs, clearly announciating each lyric in her bars while performing her songs and being animated at the same time. I know one thing, Asia Sparks and the sparkle girls are making their stamp on the Philly rap scene right now.

Vote for Asia Sparks to open up for Philly’s Powerhouse 30. Click here to vote for A Sparks. She is already at the top 5, but your vote is what matters.

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