Hot 97’s Own Mister Cee Officially Comes Out Of The Closet On Air With Ebro (Audio)

September 12, 2013 1

misterceeHOT97 Hot 97's Own Mister Cee Officially Comes Out Of The Closet On Air With Ebro (Audio)

Today history was made as Hot 97‘s (LISTEN: Kendrick Lamar Talks Control Verse & Responses With Hot 97) own, the legendary Mister Cee (READ: DJ Mister Cee Pleads Guilty to Public Lewdness & Exposure Charges) officially came out the closet and admitted to being bi-sexual with the assistance of the stations program director Ebro (WATCH: Ebro Talks The State Of New York Hip Hop On Hot 97). Cee ultimately informed the world that though he loves women he occasionally enjoyed fellatio from men dressed up as woman. This desire unfortunately lead to his initial request of resignation due to constant media ridicule paired with consecutive run in’s with the law on prostitution grounds, causing not only him but the station as a whole to look irresponsible and unprofessional for allowing those type of actions to occur and surface to public media platforms. The groundbreaking confession filled with pain, betrayal, relief, uncertainty, triumph, and revelation was definitely one for the history books. Even rival radio station Power 105’s The Breakfast Club AM commended Cee for being brave enough to expose his self on the nationally syndicated outlet for the greater good of the culture; and even used their popular Donkey Of The Day segment to speak up against homophobia in the culture. Just minutes after he “let the cat out the bag” DJ Funk Master Flex embraced him and the entire crew asked that he re-consider his choice to leave the station. To great surprise Mister Cee is not only contemplating to continue to stay on the air but will return today with his Old School At Noon Mix this afternoon. So what exactly does this mean for the culture of hip-hop? That’s a question only the future can answer!


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