Hustle Gang’s own Spodee talks Jail, T.I.’s “Paperwork” project, Hustle Gang’s “G.D.O.D. 2 “& More (Video)

June 17, 2014 0

Recently HHS1987 caught up with Hustle Gang artist to discuss his sound, where he has been over the past year and an array of things. 

Spodee was set to take off on the front line of Hustle Gang last year but a little Jail time changed that. When asked about his time in prison Spodee responded ” It wasn’t Prison, it was more so Jail, it was just a minor set back for a major comeback”. Spodee also discussed his unique writing style and how he wants every audience to be able to understand his music.
Spodee also addressed what it felt like watching Hustle Gang’s lead single “Here I Go” take off in the streets and on the airwaves and viewing the songs success from a Jail cell. He explained to us that his Hustle Gang family has been behind him every step of the way and only he can mess up this opportunity.
Looking to own the moment, Spodee spoke on what he has been working on recently. With his upcoming project from his “No Pressure” series on the way, Hustle Gang’s new project “G.D.O.D 2” dropping soon and him having a big role in T.I.’s upcoming project “Paperwork, Spodee is ready to show the world what he is made of.
The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987’s Brian Da Director.

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