Watch The Stripes: Are These the New Adidas Yeezy’s (Photos)

March 26, 2014 0


Many sneakerheads and Kanye West fans alike have been highly anticipating the upcoming release of Kanye and Adidas new signature shoe and with no information leaking to date, believes we now may know what the Adidas Yeezy will look like.

Looking at the photos is easy to see how one could assume these are the new Yeezy’s. Kanye has stated that the new Yeezy’s will be much more of a common shoe compared to his previous releases and many of the Adidas in the photos also have similar color schemes to the Yeezy’s that were released through Nike. Although we have no confirmation on if these are the new Yeezy’s or a possible release date, check out the photos and tell us what you think. Could these be the new Adidas Yeezy’s?




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