Joe Budden Talks Forthcoming Battle With Hollow Da Don

May 3, 2014 0

Joe_Budden_Talks_Forthcoming_Battle_With_Hollow_Da_Don Joe Budden Talks Forthcoming Battle With Hollow Da Don
Joe Budden is returning to the battle rap scene on July 12 as part of the Eminem’s Total Slaughter league debut. Budden will be facing off against Hollow Da Don and knows he is the expected underdog. In a recent interview with The Angry Fans Radio Show, Mouse touches base on Cassidy’s comments that Joe is above battle rapping as well as how much the Total Slaughter series will cost. Budden also took the time to praise his opponent’s impeccable battle skills saying, “I’ve always mapped out every possible variable in this battle. So I’m worried about it all, personally. When you talk about an emcee as seasoned as Hollow, he’s great in every area.”

When speaking on being the underdog Joe stated, “I love it. My dick gets hard every time I fucking think about being an underdog. ‘Cause I’m not often the underdog, so this is wonderful.”

On Cassidy, “Cassidy is saying he wouldn’t do it because he feels like it would be a step backwards, that’s bullshit. You have to be able to recognize bullshit when you see it. Cassidy is not getting paid Loaded Lux money right now from anywhere. I’m just talking logic. This is no offense to Cassidy. No disrespect to him and his ability. But you not getting $50,000 from anywhere. So why would you not take advantage of your ability in a culture that applauds lyricist?”

On Total Slaughter cost, “I can tell you that they’ve invested a lot of money into this event. So this will be, as far as just looking at it, stage wise, it’s probably about a million dollars in production here. I can’t speak about the next level because I have so much respect for the other leagues. When you add the name Shady and you add the name Eminem, your resources grow.”

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