Tiny Addresses T.I. & Floyd Mayweather Fight

May 25, 2014 1

Tiny_Address_Fight_Between_TI_Floyd_Mayweather Tiny Addresses T.I. & Floyd Mayweather Fight
Both Floyd Mayweather and T.I. have addressed the fight that took place between them in Vegas last night. Tiny has since taken to her Instagram account to sort of address the issue. The reality star wrote, “Thx guys…I really love & appreciate all my Rydaz…real talk.” After receiving a few comments insinuating that she started the issue and has an inappropriate relationship with Floyd, she fired back . “I ain’t put that nigga in shit!! U see that nigga in the media with different bitches don’t come at me with that shit about no pix with a friend…fuck u & who ever feel like u!!!” she later wrote in her comments.


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