Bobby Shmurda Talks “Shmoney Dance” on Ebro in the Morning Show (Video)

July 16, 2014 0

bobby-shmurda-talks-shmoney-dance-on-ebro-in-the-morning-show-video-HHS1987-2014 Bobby Shmurda Talks "Shmoney Dance" on Ebro in the Morning Show (Video)

Capitalizing off the moment, Bobby Shmurda, Brooklyn’s newest MC heads to Ebro in the Morning show. He talked about his “Hot Nigga” record, Jay-Z & Beyonce doing his Shmoney Dance and more. They talk about their plan to stay indie as labels continue to put deals on the table. He talks about the “Hot Nigga” remix in the works, but he really wants Lil Boosie on the record.

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