Joey Jihad Unreleased HHS1987 Blog 2013 (Video)

December 3, 2014 0

joey-jihad-unreleased-hhs1987-blog-2013-video- Joey Jihad Unreleased HHS1987 Blog 2013 (Video)

Back in 2013 HHS1987 caught up with Joey Jihad during one of his studio sessions. Before starting the interview, Joey Jihad decided to talk to the camera for a few minutes. Of the many things he talks about, he talks about not getting high in a while, keeping certain aspects of his life off Youtube, still being cool with his day one niggas, and so much more before we start to ask him questions.

He even addresses getting punched, having the term “Mugga” in urban dictionary and them giving him credit for creating that word.

Joey Jihad is currently incarcerated, and we are unsure when he will be released. Stay tuned for part two of our unreleased blog with Joey Jihad coming soon.

This interview was conducted by HHS1987’s B.Wyche, and shot by Rick Dange.

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