Power 106 “Now You Know” With Omarion (Video)

December 18, 2014 0

We can only imagine how many changes have been made in the life of Omarion within the past year since his son was born. In an interview with Power 106, O touched on the retrospect of being someone’s father. When asked does he expect things to be altered with him musically, his response was “of course”

Do I see myself writing different types of music now that I have a child.. now that I’m a father? Of course, because when you have a child, you recognize how selfish you can be in life. That’s how I used to feel. Alot of my desires are things that i wanted solely for me & now that I have a child, i see things in a different perspective

If his son ever wanted to pursue music, he could expect his father to be 100% behind him if he’s going to take it seriously. On a lesser note, the R&B sensation also touched on the collaborative record ‘Pose To Be‘  with Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko & how that came about.

After being asked about the importance of radio, then & now, Omarion spoke on his role on vH1’a hit reality series “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” & whether or not he thought he was portrayed well in the first season of the Hollywood segment. In summary, he felt that by him keeping it real & authentic, no matter how they edited the show, it was still his truth.

Welp, now you know Omarion.

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