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Nicki Minaj Talks Her Favorite Lipsticks, Preferred Sleeping Attire & More With Metta World Peace

January 20, 2015 0


We all know former NBA World Champion Metta World Peace is a huge hip-hop fan but now I’m wondering if he is coming for our jobs. Taking a break for grabbing rebounds and getting steals on the hardwood floor, Metta World Peace caught up with YMCMB entertainment mogul Nicki Minaj to discuss a few things. Metta World Peace and Nicki Minaj discussed her favorite lipsticks, cooking and much more. Check out Nicki Minaj’s interview with Metta World Peace below.

MettaMinaj vs. Nicki Minaj:

Metta: Do you consider Queens the Mecca of hip hop?
Nicki: No.

Metta: What’s been the most annoying process when you were trying to enter the music business?
Nicki: Having someone believe in me enough to give me a record deal

Metta: Have you ever been to my hood, Queensbridge?
Nicki: Yes

Metta: What are your top 5 countries to perform in?

Metta: If you were not an entertainer, what would you be doing?
Nicki: Being a lawyer and a mother

Metta: Whats your top five color lipsticks?
Nicki: I go back and forth between nude and pink and sometimes a deep red. Those are the only 3 I’m rocking with right now.

Metta: Do you have matching pajamas outfits or do you just wing it?
Nicki: I just wing it, thongs and t-shirts

Metta: Do you like to cook for your man or would you rather go out and eat?
Nicki: I love cooking for my man

Metta: What did you think when I changed my name for two days to Metta Minaj?
Nicki: I thought it was hilarious, it was very shocking and I loved that you had such a great sense of humor.

Metta: When can we see you in a blockbuster movie?
Nicki: Hopefully within the next year and a half.


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