Big Tigger & Jemele Hill Recreate “Tha Basement” For A Special ESPN “His & Hers” Intro Freestyle (Video)

July 30, 2015 1

CLKwmJPWEAQFIKC Big Tigger & Jemele Hill Recreate "Tha Basement" For A Special ESPN "His & Hers" Intro Freestyle (Video)

Friend of the site, Big Tigger has been doing his thing in the entertainment world for sometime and now he can add something else that is very dope to his resume. Famously known for hosting BET’s hit show “Tha Basement” and moving on to do great things on the radio and with VH1 here in Atlanta, Big Tigger has taken his talents to ESPN.

As ESPN “His & Hers” cohost Michael Smith enjoys his vacation, Big Tigger is joining Jemele Hill co-hosting “His & Hers” for the next few days. Adding a special twist to the program, Big Tigger and Jemele Hill recreated “Tha Basement” and delivered a special freestyle as well.

Checkout Big Tigger’s “His & Hers” freestyle below and catch Big Tigger alongside Jemele Hill on ESPN2 at Noon EST.

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