Pras Michél Talks His Film ‘Sweet Micky For President’, A Possible Fugees Reunion, The Current State Of Haiti, Working With Marlon Wayans & More With HHS1987 (Video)

April 7, 2015 0


Recently HHS1987 caught up with musician and actor Pras Michél at the Atlanta Film Festival to discuss his new film ‘Sweet Micky For President’, the current state of Haiti, working with Marlon Wayans, the upcoming 20th anniversary of The Fugees album ‘The Score’ and more.

Pras gave us some insight on his new film ‘Sweet Micky For President’ and the theme behind it. ‘Sweet Micky For President’ is based on a true story about a musician named Sweet Micky who is very popular in Haiti and how he became the president of the country. Sweet Micky was a well known artist who Pras encouraged to run for president and he won. Pras discussed how ‘Sweet Micky For President’ shows the story of the underdog making it to the top and becoming the head of state.

Pras also spoke on the current state of Haiti and the misconception many have on the country. Filming much of the movie in Haiti, Pras spoke on wanting to show the world the beauty of Haiti and what the country has to offer. Looking to change the negative stereotype of Haiti, Pras explained how Haiti is recovering since the earthquake and gave us a few details on Haiti’s upcoming presidential election.

Before concluding the interview, Pras spoke on Marlon Wayans role in the film ‘Sweet Micky For President’ and we discussed the possibilities of a Fugees reunion. With the 20 anniversary of The Fugees classic album “The Score” approaching, Pras let us know he does hear the people talking and although he is focused on ‘Sweet Micky For President’ at this time, anything is possible!

The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was shot by Danny Digitall.

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