The Philadelphia 76ers Plan To Target Dion Waiters & Harrison Barnes Once The 2016 NBA Free Agency Period Begins

June 30, 2016 0


It’s a new day in Philadelphia and the Sixers are looking to rise from the days of “Trust the Process” and are hoping to be moving toward a championship program.

When the 2016 NBA free agency period begins tonight at midnight (July 1), the Philadelphia 76ers will be looking to make a splash and they will be looking to sign former Oklahoma City Thunder guard/Philadelphia native Dion Waiters or Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes.

According to ESPN, 

If Barnes signs an offer sheet with another team July 8, when the league’s annual moratorium on signings and trades is lifted, Golden State would have three days to match the offer or lose Barnes.

Sources said Tuesday that the Warriors, however, rate keeping Barnes as a top priority in the event they are unable to lure Durant away from the Thunder.

A four-year max deal for Barnes would cost the Sixers in excess of $90 million, but Philadelphia must spend more than $40 million before the end of the next season to reach the league’s projected salary floor of $80-plus million. It is also conceivable, if things get that far, that Philadelphia and Golden State could strike a sign-and-trade arrangement if the Sixers sign Barnes to an offer sheet and the Warriors decide not to match

I believe both Barnes and Waiters would be great additions to the Sixers roster but I think Barnes could have superstar potential if places in the right situation. NBA Free Agency kicks off tonight at midnight. Stay tuned to HHS1987. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your sports news.

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