RZA Produces For Chipotle’s “SAVOR.WAVS”

July 20, 2017 0

RZA-Chipotle-1-600x450-500x375 RZA Produces For Chipotle's "SAVOR.WAVS"

RZA has been in the game for so long, what hasn’t he done? Well, apparently, produce a record for Chipotle. Which he can now successfully check off his to-do list. The musical mastermind behind Wutang Clan has partnered with the fastfood chain for SAVOR.WAVS, a “musical experience” inspired by the ingredients they use.

51 new sounds have been crafted by RZA, coinciding with each ingredient used at Chiptole. Kill some time by producing your next musical masterpiece with food at SAVOR.WAVS. Even more interesting is that the interactive platform was designed to mimic the process of ordering food at Chipotle.

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