This is Why Drake Cancelled His Amsterdam Show!

March 29, 2017 0

drake-food-poisoning-amsterdam-show-cancelled-500x334 This is Why Drake Cancelled His Amsterdam Show!

Be careful what you eat!

A couple days ago in Amsterdam, Drake had to cancel his show. Reasons weren’t given at the time, but TMZ has now revealed why. Food poisoning! While sushi can be a delicacy – for those with the acquired taste – it can also be a bit sus. I mean, it is raw fish. In the case of Drake, he apparently had some bad sushi prior to his show. And his stomach said NAH.

Another source, interestingly enough, shared a different story. DJ Akademiks stated that the “6 God” was throwing up due to marijuana overdose. Welp. Whatever the real story may be, let’s just say fans in Amsterdam are getting tired of Drake cancelling on’em – this isn’t the first time he’s done so in this city.

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