Apple announces ultra-thin laptop

January 16, 2008 0

mac+book Apple announces ultra-thin laptop
Apple boss Steve Jobs has unveiled the world’s thinnest laptop, called the MacBook Air.

The computer, which is 0.76 inches (1.93cm) at its thickest point, was unveiled at an event in San Francisco.

The Apple head also launched online film rentals for iTunes users in the US from almost every major film studio, including Disney and Fox.

“We’re dying to get this international as well,” said Mr Jobs, saying it would roll-out worldwide later in the year.

Of the laptop, Mr Jobs said: “It’s an amazing feat of engineering.”

It does not have a CD or DVD drive in order to save space. “It was built to be a wireless machine,” he added.

The laptop will compete with a range of portable devices, from companies such as Sony, Dell and Asus, which are already building so-called sub-notebooks, designed to be lighter and more mobile.

The machine goes on sale in two weeks and costs from $1,799 in the US (£1,199 in the UK) and comes with either an 80 Gigabyte hard disc drive as standard or 64 Gigabyte solid state drive for an added $999.

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