Is Nas a Gimmick Rapper

January 20, 2008 0

music_nas_album_title Is Nas a Gimmick Rapper

Is the 2nd best rapper ever (Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z,) a gimmick rapper.I hate to say it but im startin to feel this. Around a year ago Nas started his hip-hop is dead campaign and many agreed with it and it is part true. It was a dope album, but really lacked the creativity I expect from a Nas album. I just think it sounded rushed. It probably was because they probably realized they had to capitalize off the hype. This year the same thing seems to be happening. About a month ago Nas all of a sudden said his album coming in December but Def Jam was like they don’t have Nas on the release schedule. All of a sudden a week later the recently updated release schedule come out and Nas is on it and is naming his album Nigger. I personally don’t care about the name of the album. All together Im against the ban of nigger, nigga, or whatever. It has been used as a term of endearment for the past 40 something years and most people don’t even know the origin of the word. Heres an interesting article
Anyway is Nas a gimmick rapper? Think back the last Nas album with a real hype behind its release was I am and Nastradamus, and the latter was terrible. He fell out of the spotlight until Hov bought him back wit the diss, and that generated hype behind it. Nas next 2 releases Gods Son and Street Disciple were both dope to me but didnt really have hype behind them. Next thing he signs wit Def Jam and says Hip-Hop is dead, and now its a anticipated album. Now Nigger. Even though I like the music I’m tired of there being some controversy behind these releases. The record industry generally does that with every big release, (see 9/11/07) but I just don’t think Nas needs to do it. He is the 2nd greatest rapper ever imo. But anyway that was just some food for thought, you do the dishes.
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