Kanye Gets His Google On

February 5, 2008 0

kanye_skelly_hoody Kanye Gets His Google On
Kanye West has teamed up with search engine company Prodege to launch his own fan oriented search engine called www.searchwithkanyewest.com

Searchwithkanyewest.com, which launched yesterday (February 4), rewards users with dollars called Swag Bucks which can be redeemed for Kanye prizes including autographed CDs, MP3 downloads, clothing, exclusive Kanye West merchandise and electronics.

Every search on searchwithkanyewest.com gives us a user a chance to win more top prizes and users can increase their chances by also downloading the Kanye West toolbar offered by the site.

“Being one of the top music artists of his generation, Kanye has a large and dedicated fan base”, said Ron Leshem, Prodege VP of Marketing, via a statement. “This is the perfect way for fans to support Kanye, while also earning a chance to win some amazing prizes for themselves.”

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