Pics From Kanye Next Video

March 8, 2008 0

3106_09c0029b8c8f8c7eb3636cc659126cfb Pics From Kanye Next Video

thumb_3164_95533a1889769429384e489f7472bd5b Pics From Kanye Next Video
thumb_3164_ff1ebc9c31a034c3af92aa1c8257e88f Pics From Kanye Next Video

Homecoming is the next video. I think he need to finish the video for Flashing Lights before dropping another one. I like how he is creating a hype for all his videos. Flashing lights had preview pics before that dropped. And even that video had us all like wtf Kanye what is this bullshit. Now his new video I assume we will him perform but man is he stretching the shit out of his September 11th album. I mean people its March, shouldnt he be in the studio preparing us for another late summer/ early fall release?

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