Young Jeezy Arrested for Driving Like a Maniac

June 18, 2008 0

According to TMZ, Jeezy got picked up last night in Atlanta for doing pretty much everything you’re not allowed to do in a car.

Cops arrested the Jeez around 2:30 AM on a whole mess o’ charges, including DUI, speeding, reckless driving, no tags, driving with an open container and no proof of insurance. Somebody get Geico on the phone!

Jeezy — whose real name is Jay Jenkins — was released this morning on bail. He’ll be back in court on July 17.

Some of those charges are pretty serious, but after R.Kelly and Clifford, really, what case can’t be beat. To be honest, when I saw that headline my initial thought was that the Feds pinched him on something cocaine related in the wake of those recent, and surely unfounded, allegations.

What would ever make anybody think that Mr. 17.5 could be involved with coke?

UPDATE: Jeezy says his plates fell off in the car wash Statement from Jeezy’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, after the jump.

“Last night, at approximately 2:30am, Young Jeezy was pulled over by the Atlanta Police Department shortly after leaving the studio to work on his new album, “The Recession.” After being charged with various automobile related offenses, Jeezy was quickly processed and released. A court date has been scheduled and Jeezy looks forward to getting the matter resolved.”

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