Cheating husband caught on Google Street View

March 31, 2009 0


He didn’t even say he was working late. No, no. He said he was away on business.

However, his wife, bathing in uncontrollable suspicion, decided to do the only thing she could. She dialed up the local detective agency. Yes, Google Street View.

In the story as related by the Sun newspaper, the unnamed woman seems to have had some sense of whom her errant husband might be squiring.

She Google-zoomed in on the woman’s house and discovered that her husband’s Range Rover proved that he was, indeed, roving.


2666901841_a16aa6a53b1 Cheating husband caught on Google Street View


Yes, its distinctive shape, and its even more distinctive fancy hubcaps, were parked exactly where they shouldn’t be.

Divorce appears to be proceeding.


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