Juelz Santana Extends Hand To Cam'Ron, "I'm Still Open To Doing Diplomat Projects W/ Him"

April 29, 2009 0

skull-gang-coverjpg Juelz Santana Extends Hand To Cam'Ron, "I'm Still Open To Doing Diplomat Projects W/ Him" Skull Gang leader Juelz Santana recently addressed his current stance on patching things up withCam’ron and revealed his desire to put together more Diplomat projects.

Along with thanking Killa for showing him the ropes, Juelz claimed he could see himself making music with the Dipset leader once again.

“I’m still opened to doing Diplomat projects with Cam,” he revealed in an interview. “At the end of the day, deep down inside, Cam can’t say anything…That’s why the only thing he can do is stress the fact and say things like, ‘We all made money, and I gave Juelz his shot.’ Okay, that’s cool…That’s like saying Un [Rivera] gave you your shot,Mase gave you your shot, and you wound up dissing Mase; right? Mase gave you your shot, then he sh*tted on n*ggas, so you dissed him…I’m not even taking it that far, trying to diss n*ggas, but at the end of the day don’t try to fool the people and make them think they’re stupid.” (iHipHop)

Despite claiming he would no longer work with Jim Jones or Santana in a past interview, Killa recently said a reunion could come as early as next year.

“My year is booked up,” Cam said in an interview. “I don’t have time for that. I wish them the best of luck. Maybe next year we can sit down and talk, but no time soon. Right now, I’m focused on Crime Pays and the rest of my 2009 plan.” (Reuters)

Jones expressed his desire to re-unite Dipset for the fans earlier this year.

“I’m only one piece of this puzzle, there’s three other players,” Jones said in an interview. “I think there’s two other people who are in…I’m willing to get another Diplomat album done for the sake of us being selfish these past few years and change and our personal differences. It’s been more to it, it wasn’t just us that made Diplomats happen…for that, I think we owe it to ourselves and a lot of other people…A Diplomat album can’t be done without everyone’s participation, everybody feeling the same way about making this thing happen.” (Hot 97)

Freekey Zekey recently hinted at a possible Dipset reunion taking place at Hot 97’s Summer Jam in New Jersey this June.

“I just gotta tell you, stay tuned for Summer Jam,” Zekey declared in an interview. “Like I said, it is what it is right now. N*ggas ain’t talking to each other over simple sh*t, nobody killed nobody took no money from nobody, it ain’t even no beef…This is a family dispute…We gonna be jammin’ in the summer.” (Hip Hop Beef)


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