50 Cent Talks Differences Between Him And Drake

June 4, 2010 0

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In a recent interview with Rap-Up.com, 50 Cent delved into some of the differences between he and fellow rapper Drake.

“I guess he’s cool. He has momentum with his music, but the things that he’s able to do are things that I’m not permitted to do ’cause of the perception of me,” explained 50. “The aggression in my music is translated the strongest and they expect that from me every time. It kinda works for me and works against me at different points. [Drake’s] a great singer also; we like the part when he starts to sing on the chorus. He just put out a whole R&B song [“Find Your Love”]—like there’s no rap on it, it’s just an R&B record. That is what Kanye West was permitted to do with 808s & Heartbreak, to make a complete love song or an R&B record. I won’t be permitted to do that because they expect me to kill someone on the song. They just want that from me because I’ve had that type of energy in my actual experience and they feel like it’s special or authentic in some way when I offer that.”

Although 50 appears to admire the artistic freedom Drake has, he revealed he has no intention of doing an R&B record, though he would like to release music with more melodies in it.

Finally, 50 Cent said he would be open to collaborate with Drake, and described the young rapper as “talented.”

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