An Unfortunate Situation… “via @PrettygurlB”

October 12, 2011 0

I think it’s safe to say that we have all had bad sex before because we all were new to it at one point or another. How do you approach telling your gf/bf, lover, f*#k buddy or whatever they calling it nowadays, that the sex ain’t right? Especially if they’re the kind of partner that thinks they’re doing the thing thing to the thing thing. I mean yeah you can be harsh and call them out on it but ya’ll most likely will NOT be playing in the sheets after you tell them their sex game is A S S. It’s such a touchy subject because although we all scream sex isn’t important in relationships…it kinda is…not the most important ….but pretty got damn important. Whether its how frequent it is, how mind blowing it is, how uncomfortable it can be, how long it lasts, how fast it ends , etc….SEX is a factor. Can bad sex be grounds for a break-up? But if you have any type of feelings for this person and wack sex is the ONLY flaw, is it worth bringing it up? I would say yes!
Here’s why….
• You should definitely address the situation because that’s the only way things will get better…if not you’re gonna be fuckin yourself in the long run (literally) So if that means coaching your partner through the process of pleasing you correctly by all means necessary do whatever it is you feel you gotta do to get you that nut orgasm. For example, ladies you have some guys who take “eating the box” literally. Guys, no girl wants their clit chewed to pieces but a lil nibble can go a LONG way. Ladies, it’s important that you not just lay there and expect him to do all the work…It takes TWO. Now that’s as far as technique goes. Now onto things we have less control over such as limp dick and desert puss. If you suffer from either all I can do is suggest lubrication, a variety of sex positions that compliments the size of your penis and/or TONS of toys.

• This could be a great opportunity for you to experiment with your partner… a little teacher/naughty student role play would help your partner feel less embarrassed about their sexual inabilities and at the same time this allows you to show your partner what you loathe, like, or LOVE. Role playing is AWESOME. It gives you the chance to live out any fantasies that you or your partner may have and takes things to another level. It also gives you an idea of how freaky you or your partner really is…and once you reach that point where you and your partner are both sexually comfortable with one another….can you say endless orgasms?!

Have any of you ever found yourself in this situation? How did you address the situation and did it change for the better?

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