Osama! Dead, Alive and What about the Oil? (BY @_Brittany_Renae)

May 2, 2011 0
Screen-shot-2011-05-02-at-6.28.48-AM Osama! Dead, Alive and What about the Oil? (BY @_Brittany_Renae)

With the recent news release, on May 1,2011, it was said that Osama bin Laden has been executed by United States troops in Pakistan.  Even before President Obama addressed the nation, the media had already gave details and as a result, opinions started to flow via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.  Some believe that this is a conspiracy, while others are accepting and relieved to learn that Osama is, indeed, dead.  Another topic that arose was whether or not gas prices will go down or remain the same.  As we all know from the Bush Administration, George W. Bush spoke a great deal about oil.  The United States economy is based on oil and it is a very important resource, in fact, it is believed that the United States is actually running out of oil.  It is important to go back in the past to President Roosevelt’s term because he made an alliance with the monarch of Saudi Arabia which allowed the oil to flow as long as the United States protected them.  Once Osama bin Laden gained power in Afghanistan, he did not want the United States in Saudi Arabia taking oil any longer.  This, in turn, wreaked havoc and caused war.  The devastating event that occurred on September 11th, 2001 is the most meaningful examples of how important tensions were between Osama and the United States.
So, for many, there are many unanswered questions and skepticism.  As for oil, since Osama was the leader and wished to control the flow of oil to the U.S, it is possible that gas prices may go down, or tensions can flare and his followers can retalliate.  This information is still new to us and only time will tell if the oil dilemma will get any better.  Though Osama bin Laden is dead, that does not bring back the countless individuals; from the World Trade Center employees, police officers, fire fighters and volunteers who lost their lives 10 years ago during 9/11.  Family members may feel some peace at the moment, but there is nothing that can replace their loved ones.
Article by Brittany Renae (@__LegallyBlonde)



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