@PhillyTheBoss (Philly Promoter) Responds Back To Joe Buddens & His Manager (HHS1987.com Exclusive)

January 20, 2011 2
image25 @PhillyTheBoss (Philly Promoter) Responds Back To Joe Buddens & His Manager (HHS1987.com Exclusive)
Fast facts: Bash Jones performed on the stage w/o a hitch and she’s a Pop artist, her set could have really been fucked up if it would have gone wrong. At some point the Mics experienced interference and were goin in and out, again they are wireless and as we all know w/ technology shit happens.. Chill Moody put on an amazing performance by the DJ booth and the crowd didnt complain infact most of them showed him mad love after his performance. Joe’s manager didn’t want him performing by the dj booth and here comes the 1 hour delay. A whole bunch of bullshit was said about where Joe wasn’t going to perform but he ended up performing there. Then they needed him to be elevated etc etc, so thats how cushions and shit got involved.
Let me keep it all the way 100, We all know Philly clubs don’t give a fuck about a artist unless they on the radio heavy, I co-promoted that event. It was asked that I get Joe a 18+ venue, no venue in Philly and we went to them all in 2 months asked for less than $1800 and a % of the door for a Joe Budden show, they all doubted anyone would attend and they needed to cover what their loss in alcohol revenue since it would be 18+. Ask Pinnacle/Lux who asked for $5000 and 50% of the door. I’m not paying all that by myself, I backed the shit outta love.. to support real hip hop artist, I brought white kids to the hood and they all made it back home to their parents safely. Mind you 28th & Ridge.. not downtown, a few blocks from Diamond street. No beef, No drama no nothing. No other Philly cat could have or would have. I put my other business shit on hold to push this event I didn’t even profit from really. I was the minority. People know what I’m capable of and I refuse to go in on people still, out of love for niggas.
If people were about business they would say: “Ok we proved we can bring people out, lets take this footage to other venues and redo it for the people.” I have no issues with a do over at a better venue because now we have visual proof, lets see how quick that’s going to happen though.

@ChillMoody @JustBeano @ImBashJones @DJRICOCHET03 Open Up For Joe Buddens Concert  (Dir. By @MrMarcusX) (Video)

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This is the WorldStar footage of the showimage120 @PhillyTheBoss (Philly Promoter) Responds Back To Joe Buddens & His Manager (HHS1987.com Exclusive)

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