Prince Fielder: Going Going Gone? via (@eldorado2452)

September 15, 2011 0


Prince-F-SS Prince Fielder: Going Going Gone? via (@eldorado2452) There was a silent breeze in Milwaukee yesterday evening. One that may not have been felt in years but a cool breeze sports fan in the Mil have been trying to avoid for years. You know the breeze that sent Hall of Fame center from the Bucks to the L.A. Lakers. The same breeze that traded 2011 NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki to the Dallas Mavs on June 24th, 1998. Yeah that chilly feeling is being felt up and down 1-94, US-41 and in all 42,000 seats in Miller Park.

The Milwaukee Brewers all-star first baseman and son of baseball great Cecil Fielder confirmed Wednesday evening on a TBS interview that this would be his final year with the brew crew. Thanks to the bat of Fielder, the Brewers have cruised to the top of the NL Central division and are headed to MLB’s postseason. Prince is putting up NL MVP numbers this season batting .294 with 32 home runs and 109 RBIs.  When asked about the possible break up between Fielder and fellow all-star Brewer Ryan Braun he stated “it’s been great, unfortunately, this is probably the last year of the one-two punch. Hopefully we can go out with a bang”.

In a town with a history of sports tragedies, Fielders possible departure will not only effect the Brewers success in the future, it could also hurt ticket sales and tourist who plan to travel to Milwaukee to see the Prince. As of now it’s no word on who a front runner could be to sign Fielder in the off-season but I know three teams that may be in the running. The Phils, Red Sox & Yankees. Although all have current all-star first basemen, you never know with those teams. I could even see Fielder at first and Pujols at third playing at Wrigley field. Only time will tell.

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