Affairs Of Isis (@affairsofisis) Presents: The City Of Lights via (@Martacious)

November 2, 2012 2

Jeterevent.jpeg Affairs Of Isis (@affairsofisis) Presents: The City Of Lights via (@Martacious)

We are always happy when we hear that our supporters are doing big things and making their dreams come true. Its amazing to receive success stories about people who has been supporting Sleep is 4 Suckers since day 1. This month’s Sleep is 4 Suckers Spotlight is on Danielle Jeter, CEO of Affairs of Isis Events and one of the early supporters of Sleep is 4 Suckers.


Danielle attended Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga. in 2006, and while she was earning her bachelor’s degree in History, she launched her event planning company, Affairs of Isis Events. Since it’s establishment in 2009, Affairs of Isis has been heavily involved in the public circut through youth education and arts initiatives. Jeter acknowledges her humble attributes, My life’s work is based on helping others. I would not be where I am today if people were not willing to help me. If I could help someone else accomplish a goal or reach a dream, then my mission in life is fulfilled. Life is about loving, sharing, helping and caring for another human being.” 


 With that type of kindheartedness it’s no wonder her business is thriving and moving from Atlanta to the Philadelphia and tri-state area, and what better way to celebrate and create awareness by throwing a party? The private event is called ‘The City of Lights’, and the event will take place at The Philadelphia Magic Gardens  located on South Street. The purpose of the event is to give guests a chance to learn about Affairs of Isis and it’s services. There will also be refreshments, a celebratory toast, and live music by DJ Greg Nitty and The Band from Willingboro, NJ. 


 Affairs of Isis takes the event visions of clients, gives them life, turns ideas into magical affairs that are unforgettable. Services rendered include event planning, production, management, auditing, and staffing for events of all kinds. For more information and inquiries about their services visit them at


We are so proud of Danielle Jeter for loosing countless hours of sleep for doing something that she loves to do. As you can see, she is starting to see reward and is getting closer to the dream she has only dreamt. Congratulations Danielle! 


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