Fabolous – Want You Back Ft. Joe Budden x Teyana Taylor (Joe Budden Disses Tahiry)

November 23, 2012 2

fabolous-want-you-back-ft-joe-budden-teyana-taylor-HHS1987-2012-1024x1024 Fabolous - Want You Back Ft. Joe Budden x Teyana Taylor (Joe Budden Disses Tahiry)

Fabolous new Soul Tape 2 has been trending over twitter and instagram since its Thanksgiving day release. For the last song on his project he recruits Teyana Taylor and Joe Budden for “Want You Back”. Fab starts the track by saying,

“you see what I cant understand is how somebody have a lifetime friend that they been through thick and thin with, and they just fall out over the simplest shit. But that same person will be in a relationship with a trifling ass motherfucker and keep taking him back … shit is crazy”

If that wasn’t enough, Joe Budden uses the second verse to address his old girlfriend Tahiry who is currently dating New York Knicks baller, JR Smith. Joe addresses that with this:

“told you you gone to fuck around and end up sick, you chose dick from this nigga off the New York Knicks”

The other day (11/21/12) Tahiry hopped on her Twitter to get at Joey with a flurry of taunts.

“Flattered that @joebudden keeps rapping about me … Acting like I can’t get over him. knowing that I keep him relevant,” she tweeted.

“@joebudden feed the audience what u want I fight VH1 every episode they try to feed me with your sorry a**. U need …”

“@joebudden once said the one with the biggest mic wins!!! That’s why u talk your shit… Well you have just me”

“VH1 episode … Ha, without me u have no story…. Lets go…. Lie, it’s what u do best!!!!! Bring on the … http://t”

“Matter fact I’m done tweeting. Imma see u !!!! @joebudden believe that. I warned u!!!” (Tahiry’s Twitter)

She went on to question his infatuation with her and promised to see him face-to-face.

“Mad b*tches and still rapping about me!!!! And I’m the one no over him amazing !!! Lmao. Off to bed!!!!”

“@joebudden great chess move… I’m up next tho'”

“Ya see as me caring about the n*gga. I’m just tired off him using me. Let me goooo move on or at least act like it d*mn”

“I’m waiting @joebudden… Talk yo shit… Lets go tweet , rap , interview…. Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Tahiry’s Twitter)

DOWNLOAD: Fabolous – Want You Back Ft. Joe Budden & Teyana Taylor (Joe Budden Disses Tahiry)

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