#DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

June 18, 2012 0

DayParty-6-17-12-89 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

Today was Fathers Day for all the Fathers in the world. The DayParty celebrated that by giving dads half off if they came out today. Today was a great day to network, socialize, especially with the nice weather. Today’s vendor was Neo Daviso and X-Rated. Beano was the performer tonight as well.

Qua showing us that “Southwest No Look”

DayParty-6-17-12-5 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

Qua and the birthday girl Shardee

DayParty-6-17-12-12 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

Drew, Roni and Ronnie

DayParty-6-17-12-17 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-23 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-40 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-25 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-28 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-62 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-64 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-84 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

DayParty-6-17-12-77 #DayParty 6/17/12 (Photos)

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